South Africa

Petoria to Cape Town

After returning home to South Africa after a few years abroad, it was time to move down to the Mother City, Cape Town. What was originally planned to be a 15 hour trip, turned into a 13 day journey to prepare me for a new life in a new city.

These posts were written as diary entries recording daily thoughts and are accompanied by illustrations.


Day 1_Adventures Along the N14
17/01/2017   What a day. I shall call it, Adventures Along the N14. Anyone who's ever travelled this road before would know
Day 2_Waterfalls and Heat
18/01/2017   I woke up early, already wrapped in a blanket of heat.  I made my way to the Augrabies
Day 3_Garies
19/01/2017   Waking up after a wonderful night’s rest, I sat on my porch looking at the pretty little garden
Day 4_A Walk Through Time
20/01/2017   I said farewell to my new friend as he continued his way north to Namibia and I my
Day 5_Arriving at the West Coast
21/01/2017   I woke up to a fresh morning with olive thrushes filling the garden. I relaxed on the beautiful
Day 6_St. Helena Bay
22/01/2017   I started my day with an early morning walk feeling the fresh breeze washing over my face. My location was
Day 7_Art and Fossils
23/01/2017 My day started yet again with strolling on the beach, strange dreams from the previous night still spiralling in
Day 8_Stories of Yesteryear
24/01/2017   Still in St Helena Bay and becoming real comfortable to this lifestyle, I took the day off to
Day 9_A Maze of Memories
25/01/2017 I lay in my bed trying to recollect my dreams, grasping on to the few remaining wisps, but alas,
Day 10_A Beeautiful day
26/01/2017   The first thing I did after waking up this morning, was trying to record my dreams. Unfortunately, I
Day 11_Reminiscing on the Road
27/01/2017   My friend and I stayed over at a backpackers in Stellenbosch, not really worth promoting, but at least
Day 12_Strand
28/01/2017   I woke up relaxed and refreshed after a wonderful night's rest. The room was glowing brightly in the
Day 13_Arriving at Last
29/01/2017   The day started with a rejuvenating dip after the previous night out. With the backpackers' reply still pending,