East Java

Part I – Mt Bromo

Mt Bromo, East Java, Indonesia


It was still dark when we made our way over the vast moonscape of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Cramped in a tiny little, rattling 4×4, the three of us were bursting with excitement as we were on our way to see Mt Bromo.

The rising sun set the sky ablaze as we stood watching from the lookout point. The horizon burst with gold and deep orange, sending pink flares into the still dark sky with the last of the morning stars shimmering above us. Silhouetted by the sunrise stood the Tengger Massif, with Mt Bromo pouring purple smoke into the dawn. In front of us, an active volcano, making for an epic sunrise.

Giving a death rattle, the little jeep almost left us stranded up there but eventually resurrected itself to take us back down. We made our way across the Sea of Sand, the ashy grey plains surrounding Tengger Massif, to arrive at the foot of Mt Bromo. Suffocated by the sulphurous gas, we summitted Mt Bromo to find ourselves on the rim of an active volcano. My how marvellous this planet of ours is! There we were, peering down into the depths of the earth. We were at the gateway to the deeper layers hidden beneath our feet. The smoke reminding one of the immense energy contained within this planet.

After exploring the top, we decided simultaneously that the best way to descend would be to run down the slope. Slipping and sliding and covered in ash, we arrived at the bottom where the little jeep was waiting for us to take us deeper into the jungles of East Java.

End of Part I