Dundas Peak

Enchantment on the Escarpment

The earth has an array of magical locations and one of these is Dundas Peak, Hamilton, Ontario. Meeting up with some old friends during a brief visit to Canada led me to this magnificent spot located along the Niagara Escarpment.

Standing on the edge of Dundas Peak, the world relaxed and breathed slowly. Stretched out ahead, lay the winter landscape of Spencer Gorge and the town of Dundas, breathing together in unity. Off in the distance, the roads of Dundas curled up to meet the sky in swirling lines of white clouds over the horizon, while the trees in the gorge pulsed gently. The woods were alive.

Movement could be sensed on the steep rocky cliff that formed part of the escarpment. Closer examination revealed the protruding limestone rocks to in fact be stacks of lizards, gently crawling over one another, making up the entire cliff face.

Heading back down the trail, the rocks on the ground appeared to be alive as well, each having its own face smiling up at me. Walking became difficult as I tried to avoid them, however, my attention soon got diverted by the rich texture of the surrounding vegetation. Still mostly barren after the cold winter, each branch formed a single thread interweaving into a dense tapestry making up the surroundings. Tunnelled by this rich fabric, I pushed on forward to catch up with the others.

The walk down became an epic journey. Huddled up we ventured down the trail with every twist and turn becoming ever challenging. Continuously revolving around a central hub we got lost in an endless circle leading nowhere. Time ceased to exist until we eventually caught up with the rest of the crew, who were waiting down by the waterfall.

I took the opportunity to rest against a railing for a while, waiting to catch up with time. A couple walked passed me and my gaze was met by eyes staring out behind wolf masks. They spoke in a colourful language filling the air around them. The whole scene was quite bizarre.

I’m not quite sure if the others experienced Dundas Peak in the same way that day, but I’m sure they were overwhelmed by the experience as well.


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