Day 8_Stories of Yesteryear



Still in St Helena Bay and becoming real comfortable to this lifestyle, I took the day off to finish a painting that I’ve been working on.

My entertainment for the day was a migration of guinea fowls that overtook the garden to my delight. I've been staring at the same garden for the past few days, with its native flowers, shelled pathway and hummingbirds hovering all over the place and the ocean as a backdrop. I relaxed next to the pool, building up my tan for when I hit Cape Town.

After lunch, it started raining for I while and I headed inside to continue drawing. Under the Tuscan Sun was on TV and I had to stop every now and then to watch my favourite parts. Katherine, with her big hat and ice-cream and quotes about lady bugs and child-like enthusiasm, is such a  fun character.  TV still on in the background, I recognised the next movie from its intro song; Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion. What a trip down memory lane, I used to love that movie! Just two friends going through life doing their thing, having the best time. It reminded me that I myself, have my 10 year school reunion coming up this year. Haven’t seen those faces in ages!

When the rain came to an end I moved outside to the porch again to finish my piece. I’m currently listening to an audio book by the cognitive scientist, Daniel C. Dennett, Consciousness Explained. What a marvellous book! It delves deep into the mind, exploring neuroscience, psychology and artificial intelligence. There are so many questions we still have to answer about our brains! I always feel the more I learn about a subject, the more I realise how little I know.

My hosts were down in Cape Town so I went to bed early watching reruns of yesteryear on SABC Encore and it was wonderful. Wilmien was still a waitress at OppiKoppi, Jan-Hendrik was still married to Petra, Hilda was still getting courted by both Francois and Oom Oubaas and Felicity was about to get pregnant with Aubrey’s baby, ruining her friendship with Vanessa(1).


(1) SABC Encore is a channel that airs a bunch of old programs from the past. I'm referring to 7e Laan, a mostly Afrikaans soapie, with this specific episode being probably one of the first ones I saw more than a decade ago.


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