Day 6_St. Helena Bay



I started my day with an early morning walk feeling the fresh breeze washing over my face. My location was amazing. Apparently, you can see the sun both rise and set over the sea during winter time.

Admiring the shells again and thinking about the previous night's dreams, I kept wondering if dreams don’t provide us with little clues to help us in this whole game that is life. It’s tricky though, because they get lost in the moment so quickly and then the day goes on, diverting your attention to other matters. Feet freezing in the cold Atlantic Ocean, my mind wandered off to the icy waters of the Pacific Northwest. I got greeted by two dogs, one big and black, the other, a small Yorkie that clearly didn’t know its size. I'll say it again, dogs are the best. Our fluffy little four-legged friends. By this time I still didn’t have a name for my blog, nothing I came up with felt right. I took a morning dip in what might have been the coldest water I've ever experienced. Colder than any icy mountain stream and colder than the waters of Lake Chelan(1) but oh so exhilarating!

With all the lovely ladies marching on TV in the background, I did some much needed pilates, road tripping should not make one lazy. It's great to see so many people together, standing up against what they believe to be unjust. It only takes small steps to initiate change. The rest of the day was spent skyping and painting and more sauntering on the sand with seagulls and cormorants and Arcade Fire - Funeral in the background.

I took a late afternoon drive getting lost between the houses of Britannia Bay. I came across a garden filled with fascinating sculptures which intrigued me for a while. I also found the spot where Vasco Da Gama set foot in South Africa in 1497(2).  Imagine sailing around Africa on a giant boat, half of your crew dying from scurvy, paving the way for the future. Now that's true adventuring! Luckily for us, there's always something new to explore. We might have covered most of the land, but the deep ocean still remains a mystery. Then there's always the possibility of more voyages into space and into the human mind that leaves ample room for epic journeys.

Making my way back, I started humming a well-known Afrikaans song, paying attention to the lyrics for the first time. "Almal wil ‘n huisie by die see hê, almal wens die struggle was verby. Almal sê die lewe is eers more, maar more is te laat vir my"(3). Now that's some sound advice. If you keep waiting until the middle of next year to do something, your dreams will always remain in the future making it impossible for you to catch up with them.


(1) Lake Chelan is a giant lake in the Northern Cascades, Washington State and a little place I called home for a while during my few months as a farmer. But more on that later.

(2) Vasco da Gama was a Portuguese explorer who connected Europe with Asia via the sea, bringing pepper and cinnamon to the west, and imperialism to the east.

(3) A song by the South African icon, Koos Kombuis which translates into something like this: "Everyone wants to have a little home by the sea, everyone hopes that the struggle has come to and end. Everyone says that life only starts tomorrow, but tomorrow is too late for me."



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  • Sunrise over Britannia Bay, St Helena.

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  1. Yes! Powerful message at the end. I totally agree with it. Don’t live for tomorrow, live today.

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