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Waking up after a wonderful night’s rest, I sat on my porch looking at the pretty little garden and decided to stay for another night. I had two days worth of voice memos and a head full of ideas and it was time to start putting pen to paper and fingers to keyboard.

What a charming place. Flowers and cans and ceramics and all sorts of old things on the pink walls. I made my way to the big busy dining room, stacked to the ceiling with tins and old containers. I made some coffee and as I put my floral cup down on the big wooden table, I met Niggie (niece), the gentle (and also very big) basset chilling under the table. I petted her for a while before moving over to another table where I met Han, a Dutch cyclists busy making his way from Cape Town, all the way to Nairobi Kenya, having breakfast(1). Wanting to take a break from the harsh heat, he also decided to stay another night, so we ended up spending most of the day on my porch, working on our blogs. 

When the heat of the day cooled down a bit, we went for a lovely walk around town. We got ice cream at the gas station and watched the kids on the sports field, imagining what it would be like living in Garies, while sharing some wonderful stories of the past. We got an early dinner at what was probably the only restaurant in town at a place that sells all kinds of trinkets and a lot of wool. Knitting seems to be a big pass time around these parts. The little store also provided us with another quote:

Life is Like Riding a Bicycle. To Keep Your Balance, You Must Keep Moving.

How relevant.

My day came to an end with me sitting on my big white bed sketching out the piece I made for my first post. I kept thinking about another friend who also made an epic cycling trip recently. Chris cycled all the way from Alaska to Argentina, all the while raising over £20,000 for his sister's charity!(2) I can still remember him training back in the Korean mountains. This one time I was making my way over the Seorak Mountains in my precious Daewoo Leganza 1998 (may she rest in peace), and as I reached the tunnel after the steep pass connecting YangYang to Inje, I came across Chris, happily cycling, his bike having what seemed like an easier time than my car.

As I got ready for bed,  Tomorrowland was showing on TV. The film is all about dreaming big and letting the imagination run wild and pushing science and technology to the limits. What a wonderful story to watch before bed time.


(1) Go check out Han's website! You can read all about his adventures in either Duth or English. (The Dutch is more fun though,  it sounds like a goofy Afrikaans.)

(2) Also check out Chris's website, Miles for a Memory and read all about his epic journey. So proud of you Okes!


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