Day 13_Arriving at Last



The day started with a rejuvenating dip after the previous night out. With the backpackers' reply still pending, I made some arrangements to stay with a friend for a few nights.

My hosts and I spent the morning walking around Root 44, the vibrant weekend market between Somerset Wes and Stellenbosch with all kinds of arts and crafts and clothes and food and wine and beer and bands and everything you want (and more) on a sunny summer's Sunday. I even saw a bouquet of Yorkies being pushed in a pram... life is ludicrous. I also found another inspiring quote: 

The world of reality has it's limits. The world of imagination is boundless.

I did some laundry, edited some of the first posts and messaged every backpackers on I could find (see previous post). I packed my things yet again, wished my hosts well (knowing I'll see them again soon) and drove the last few kilometers to Cape Town. As I drove past Khayelitsha and the stretched out white sands of Strandfontein I realised this was it. My trip had come to an end. I'm not really sure how a 15 hour drive ended up as a 13 day road trip, but I'm not complaining. I had a grand time.


I met up with my dear friend Lionie, at Toad on the Road, in Lakeside where she was out with her friends, celebrating Sunday after a day of surfing. We've been friends since primary school and seeing her after some time apart was great! What a warm welcome it was, everyone was just glowing.

All excited about this new chapter that was about to start. I followed her home driving underneath and an explosion of golden clouds. By the time we got to her apartment, the sun was already setting. We went up to her roof and stared out over the city lights and the bay below. The heavy clouds on the horizon were still glowing a pale pink, silhouetting Signal Hill to the west, while Table Mountain was transforming into a tenebrous mass behind us. The wind was waltzing over the night sky after bringing me all the way here.

I have arrived. I have finally caught up with the future. The past has settled as memory and a teacher and all that is left is the present. What a trip.


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