Dundas Peak

Enchantment on the Escarpment The earth has an array of magical locations and one of these is Dundas Peak, Hamilton, Ontario. Meeting up with some old friends during a brief visit to Canada led me to this magnificent spot located along the Niagara Escarpment. Standing on the edge of Dundas Peak, the world relaxed and breathed […]

Virginian Woods

  I remember driving through the suburbs of northern Virginia in the springtime surrounded by explosions of pink and white blossoms as the dogwoods, magnolias and cherry trees started blooming. I remember how every morning brought a bit more colour to the bare branches left behind by winter until one day everything was taken over […]

East Java (continued)

Part II –  Madakaripura Waterfall After witnessing Mt Bromo at Dawn, we drove through the winding mountain road taking us through the dense green jungles of East Java. We had one stop left on this Indonesian island, and it was the Madakaripura Waterfall. As our driver dropped us off, we were swept up by a […]

East Java

Part I – Mt Bromo   It was still dark when we made our way over the vast moonscape of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Cramped in a tiny little, rattling 4×4, the three of us were bursting with excitement as we were on our way to see Mt Bromo. The rising sun set […]

Yellowstone National Park

A Mystical Wonderland After a long day of driving, passing through at least three of the northern Sates, we finally arrived at Yellowstone National Park. Too early in the season to find accommodation inside the park and too late at night to turn back for a motel, we decided to make ourselves comfortable in the […]

The Sequoia National Park

  The Peaceful Giants It’s hard to pin down a favourite spot in the world, the earth is scattered with endless gems.  One place however, that will always come to mind, is the Sequoia National Park in California, USA. I remember being amazed by pictures of Redwoods in National Geographics when I was younger, but […]

Day 13_Arriving at Last

29/01/2017   The day started with a rejuvenating dip after the previous night out. With the backpackers’ reply still pending, I made some arrangements to stay with a friend for a few nights. My hosts and I spent the morning walking around Root 44, the vibrant weekend market between Somerset Wes and Stellenbosch with all kinds […]

Day 12_Strand

28/01/2017   I woke up relaxed and refreshed after a wonderful night’s rest. The room was glowing brightly in the morning sun, luring me from underneath the white linen. By 7 o’clock, Oom Niel and Tannie Marshia(1), my lovely hosts, had already left for work leaving the solitary occupant of the house I inhaled the fresh morning breeze as […]